General View of Main Dam

General View of Regulation Reservoir

Beautiful View of Nam Ngiep River

Vocational Education Training Programme for Project Affected People

Students at Phouhomxay Kingdergarten

Student receiving health care service

Garden activities of Students at Phohomxay

Welcome to the Nam Ngiep1 Hydropower Project

Nam Ngiep 1 is a 290-megawatt hydropower project under construction in Bolikhamxay and Xaysomboun provinces of the Lao PDR. The project is being built and will be operated by the Nam Ngiep 1 Power Company, whose goal is to build a socially and environmentally responsible power project that will provide clean renewable electricity and contribute to poverty reduction in Laos.

Two dams and power stations are under construction along the Ngiep River in Bolikhamxay. The main 167-metre-high dam will create a water storage reservoir covering a 67-km2 area extending into Xaysomboun province. Around 4,000 people, mainly ethnic Hmong, are resettling to the Houaysoup area of Bolikhamxay to facilitate the creation of the plant.

At the main dam site a primary power station will generate around 272 MW of electricity for export to Thailand and will release water to a regulating pond where a second dam and power station will generate around 18 MW of electricity for local use. The re-regulating dam will ensure smooth release of water to minimise the disruption on water levels in the river downstream.

NNP1 is working with local people and authorities to build high-quality new houses and community facilities for the villagers moving to the Houaysoup area, The Company is also developing a range of livelihood programmes for people directly affected by the project. For more details on the project’s social programs click here.

Environmental protection is also crucial to the long-term success of the project and NNP1 has created a dedicated Environmental Management Office to ensure that the project minimizes its local footprint and also contributes to improved conservation measures and environmental awareness on a national scale. Information on Nam Ngiep 1 environment programmes is available here.

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