Request for Expression of Interest

Title of Requestion of InterestDeadline for Submission
REQUEST FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST to prepare a community Development Plan (NNP1PC-IC-ESD-EMO-2019-07)21 Oct 2019
REOI- to conduct an Assessment of Options for Sustainable Livelihood Opportunities for Villages in NNP1 Watershed Area.21 Oct 2019
REOI_ Consultancy Service for Socio-Economic Survey Data Collection and Entry4 Dec 2018
REOI-Consultant on Powerhouse Displacement7 Nov 2018
REOI - Consulting Services for Preparation of a Reservoir and River Health Sub-Plan for the Environmental and Social Management and Monitoring Plan, Operational Phase (ESMMP-OP)21 Jun 2018
REOI - Short Term Participatory Land Use Planning Senior Consultant21 Nov 2017
REOI - Short Term Participatory Land Use Planning Consultant21 Nov 2017
REOI-Individual Short Term Community Development Consultant25 Sep 2017
REOI - Individual Short Term National Micro-Finance Senior Consultant29 Jun 2017
REOI - Consultancy Service for SharePoint Implementation15 Mar 2017
REOI – Individual Short Term Tourism Feasibility Study Consultant on Nam Ngiep 1 Hydro Power Project21 Feb 2017
REOI-For Development of NNP1 Biodiversity Offset Management Plan (BOMP) for Nam Chouane – Nam Xang Offset Site at Bolikhamxay Province23 Jan 2017
RIOI - Short Term Consultant for Asset registration and compensation support on Nam Ngiep 1 Hydropower Project4 Nov 2016
REOI – Short Term Consultancy Service – RCC Dam Construction18 Oct 2016
REOI-Support Service on Management of Material and Equipment to be Imported under the Project Concession13 Oct 2016
REOI - Data Collection biennial Socio Economic Survey7 Oct 2016
REOI-Short Term Consultant (STC) to provide technical support to the Bolikhamxay Provincial Department of Information, Culture and Tourism in producing a video on Cultural Heritage Preservation Program of Hatsaykham village and other Project areas.5 Aug 2016
Re-Advertise for EOI-Individual Consultant - Quality Control and Supervision on Electrical Works27 Jul 2016
EOI-Short Term Vulnerable Household Support Officer30 Jun 2016
Re-call for EOI-Consultancy Contract “Development of NNP1 Watershed Management Plan”7 Jun 2016
REOI-for Consultancy Contract “Baseline Biodiversity Survey at Nam Mouane Watershed Area”27 May 2016
REOI-for Consultancy Contract “Development of NNP1 Watershed Management Plan”23 May 2016
REOI - for Consultancy Contract “Quality Control and Supervision on Electrical Works”23 May 2016