The Nam Ngiep 1 environmental management plans are based on data obtained through field surveys, village interviews, consultations with people likely to be affected by the project, species specialists and biodiversity experts, reviews of literature on the environmental characteristics of the area and reports on comparable hydropower projects. Extensive surveys of the project area and its terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity have been conducted, and full reports from these studies are available in Appendices A-I of the Environmental Impact Assessment.

These surveys include the following:

Physical Environment:

  • Environmental Research Institute of Chulalongkorn University (ERIC)
  • ERM

Biological Environment:

  • Dr Will Duckworth – SE Asia Mammal Specialist
  • Dr Maurice Kottelat – SE Asia Fish & Aquatic Habitat Expert
  • Dr Phaivanh Phiapalath – SE Asia Primate Specialist
  • Dr Sinthavong Viravong – LARReC
  • Dr Pheng Phengsintham – Lao Botanical Specialist
  • Mr Terry Warren – Mekong Fisheries Specialist

Environmental Flows Assessment:

  • Kansai, 2012; ERM review & update

Cumulative Impact Assessment guided by:

  • S. Council on Environmental Quality/National Environmental Policy Act 1999
  • ADB Safeguard Policy Statement
  • IFC Performance Standards 1 and 6 and IFC CIA Guidance Note

Biodiversity Offsets:

  • ERM, based on Biodiversity Offset Design Handbook & Resource Paper (Business and Biodiversity Offsets Programme 2012)