Environmental and Social Management Plans


Environmental and Social Management and Monitoring Plan Construction Phase Entire Construction Work, March 2014Biomass Removal Plan, July 2015Biodiversity Offset Framework, March 201553. SS-ESMMP for Land Leveling for Project Affected People of Hatsaiykham at Houay Soup Resettlement Area, February 201652. SS-ESMMP of Enhancement Works on Road Conditions at Houay Soup Resettlement Area51. SS-ESMMP-CP for Workers Camp, October 201550. SS-ESMMP for PC Bridge Construction, November 201549. SS-ESMMP of UXO Clearing Work, April 201548. SS-ESMMP for Foundation,Erection and Stringing Work, May 201547. SS-ESMMP for Clearing Right of Way, April 201546. SS-ESMMP of Site office stockyard and camp, April 201545. SS-ESMMP for Worker Camps, November 201444. SS-ESMMP for Contractor’s Camp, May 201443. SS-ESMMP for Building of Owner’s Base Camp, December 201442. SS-ESMMP for F-I &O of Aggregate Crushing Plant, January 201541. SS-ESMMP for Clearing Earthworks&Operation of Waste Disposal40. SS-ESMMP for Construction of Quarry Site, November 201439. SS-ESMMP for Power Supply Systems Installation Works, July 201438. SS-ESMMP for IPD of Tower Crane at MD, December 201537. SS-ESMMP for Construction Main Power House, December 201636. SS-ESMMP for Grouting Work of Secondary Upstream Cofferdam, January 201635. SS-ESMMP of Limb Grouting Tunnel of Main Dam, June 201534. SS-ESMMP of River Diversion Tunnel Works, October 201432.SS-ESMMP for Encased Concrete&Retaining Wall at Outlet Tunnel Entrance31. SS-ESMMP of Installation for RCC Belt Conveyor System, June 201529. SS-ESMMP for RD Structure Works at Inlet and Outlet, November 201428. SS-ESMMP for CVC Plant, August 201427. SS-ESMMP for Dyke Construction at Regulation Dam, November 201526. SS-ESMMP for Excavation&Construction Work of Secondary Upstream Cofferdam, December 201525. SS-ESMMP for Construction of Primary U&P Cofferdam, October 201524. SS-ESMMP for Clearing&Earthwork of Waste Disposal Area, December 201423. SS-ESMMP for Re-regulation Power Station, February 201522. SS-ESMMP for Slope Protection&Slope Drainage of Main Dam, Apr 201521. SS-ESMMP for Construction of Main Dam Excavation Works, Sep 201420. SS-ESMMP for RD Structure Works at Inlet & outlet, Nov 201419. SS-ESMMP for Aggregate Plant Earth Works, Sep 201418. SS-ESMMP for Plant Yard, May 201417. SS-ESMMP for Temporary Bridge, Feb 201416. SS-ESMMP for Disposal Area at Right Bank, Oct 201415. SS-ESMMP for Quarry of Road A, March 201414. SS-ESMMP for Road T13, May 201513. SS-ESMMP for Road T12, Dec 201312. SS-ESMMP for Road T11, Nov 201411. SS-ESMMP for Road T10, Nov 201410. SS-ESMMP for Road T9, May 20159. SS-ESMMP for Road T8, Dec 20148. SS-ESMMP for Road T7, Jul 20147. SS-ESMMP for Road T5, Dec 20136. SS-ESMMP for Road T4, May 20155. SS-ESMMP for Road T3, Dec 20144. SS-ESMMP for Road T1 and T2, May 20153. SS-ESMMP for Road P2, May 20152. SS-ESMMP for Road P1, May 20151. SS-ESMMP for Road A, Apr 201530. SS-ESMMP for Foundation&Installation of RCC Plant, Feb 201554. SS-ESMMP for BIOMASS REMOVAL IMPLEMENTATION, 04 April 201655. SS-ESMMP for Electric installation on HSRA, 04 April 2016SS-ESMMP-CP for Installation Work of Spiral Case and Stay Ring for Main Power StationSS-ESMMP-CP for HM's Sub-contractor Labor camp No.2SS-ESMMP-CP for Draft tube liner Installation at Main PowerhouseSS-ESMMP-CP for Installation Work of 630kVA Transformer for Re-regulation power stationSS-ESMMP-CP for Installation Work of Embedded Parts of 230 kV Substation for Main Power StationSS-ESMMP-CP for Fabrication Work of Concrete WeightSS-ESMMP-CP for Zhefu warehouseSS-ESMMP-CP for installation Work of 80 ton Electrical Overhead Traveling Crane for RPSSS-ESMMP-CP for CSG & SR Installation (Installation Work of Spiral Case and Stay Ring for Main Power Station)SS-ESMMP-CP for Installation Steel Structure for 115kV, TLSS-ESMMP-CP for Installation of Inlet Valve and Servomotor for Main Power StationSS-ESMMP-CP for Sub-Contractor CampSS-ESMMP-CP for 38 ha paddy field development on Houay Soup Resettlement AreaSS-ESMMP for Construction of tractor road on Houay Soup Resettlement AreaSS-ESMMP-CP for Biomass ClearingSS-ESMMP for 48 ha Paddy field development project for 2LR peopleSS-ESMMP for Construction of Intake mouth canal at Houay Soup Resettlement AreaSS-ESMMP for construction of Intake, Inlet and outlet Canals at Houay Soup Resettlement AreaSS-ESMMP for Land levelling (Cutting & Filling) for 90 house plots at HSRASS-ESMMP for 231ha UXO Clearance for Houay Soup Resettlement AreaSS-ESMMP for Construction of Outlet canal and 4 Sub canalsSS-ESMMP for (7Units) House ConstructionSS-EMP for Village Office and Hall Construction at HSRASS-ESMMP for Road Construction to Landfill 1.2kmSS-ESMMP for Irrigation Dam Reservoir Land ClearanceSS-ESMMP for 28 Plots Land LevellingSS-ESMMP for House Construction Lot No 3 at Houay Soup Resettlement AreaSS-ESMMP for Resource center construction and Pilot plan improvement at Houay Soup Resettlement AreaSS-ESMMP for Construction of 84 fish ponds at Houay Soup Resettlement AreaSS-ESMMP for temporary Accommodations for 44 households from 2LRSS-ESMMP for Installation 0.4kV distribution line for 7 housesSS-ESMMP for Domestic water supply system constructionSS-ESMMP for Construction of Primary School 3 Units at 2URSS-ESMMP for filling residential lands and lift up house (between El320m-321m) at 2URSS-ESMMP for Owner Site Office and Village (OSOV) rev A4SS-ESMMP for Contractor's CampSS-ESMMP for Encased Concrete & Retaining Wall at OutletSS-ESMMP for Casting Replacement Concrete of MDSS-ESMMP for Adit Closure at Right Bank of Main DamSS-ESMMP for Closing Procedure of Dyke Borrow Pit No.7 (A1)SS-ESMMP for Biomass Clearance Works of Re-regulation pond of Re-regulation Power StationSS-ESMMP for EMO Water Quality Laboratory ConstructionSS-ESMMP-CP for Soccer field constructionWatershed and Biodiversity ManagementESMMP-CP for Project Component Sub-Plans, May 2017ESMMP-CP for Thematic Sub-Plans, May 2017ESMMP-CP for Procedures, May 2017ESMMP-CP for General Matters, May 2017