Livelihood & Social Programmes

The Houaysoup resettlement site will feature good quality housing for all families, home garden and agricultural land, and public facilities including electricity and water supply, clinic, school, market, bus stops and roads.

Work is currently underway to design livelihoods options that will help people build their new lives at Houaysoup. Rice, cash crops, livestock and fish trials are underway at the agriculture demonstration site, while training programs for business and handicraft development will also be available.

Almost all the people who will move to Houaysoup are from the Hmong ethnic group and design of the resettlement area has focused on the cultural preferences of the people. The cultural element informs all elements of the resettlement program, including:

  • House design options
  • Crop and livestock programs
  • Cultural resource protection
  • Small business training
  • Public facilities
  • Health and education
  • Gender programs