Lao Holding State Enterprise visits Nam Ngiep 1 Hydropower Project

On Sep 04, 2020 Mr. Manasinh VONGXAY, the General Manager and some senior management of Lao Holding State Enterprise visited the Nam Ngiep 1 Hydropower Project (NNP1 Project) in Bolikhan District, Bolikhamxay Province, Lao PDR.

Mr. Toshihiro Takano, the Managing Director of Nam Ngiep 1 Power Company Limited (NNP1PC) and senior management of NNP1PC welcome the delegation and briefed them about power generation, livelihood development of Project Affected People and environmental management of the NNP1 Project. The delegation then visited the main dam and main powerhouse in order to observe electricity generation. The visitors also visited the kindergarten school in Phouhomxay Resettlement Village and observed a livelihood activity of Phouhomxay village and concluded their trip at the re-regulation powerhouse.

NNP1PC is co-owned by KPIC Netherlands, a subsidiary of Japan’s Kansai Electric Power, EGAT International of Thailand, and the Lao Holding State Enterprise.