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Nam Ngiep 1 Project invests more than USD 0.9 million in education of local people

The Nam Ngiep 1 Hydropower Project (NNP1) is committed to improving education of students in the NNP1 Project areas and since 2014 more than USD 900,000 has been invested in scholarships, adult literacy, vocational training programmes and school infrastructure improvements.

Through the NNP1 scholarship programme, approximately 100 scholarships have been awarded to eligible students in the Project affected areas in Borikhamxay and Xaysomboun Provinces, with approximately 30 scholarships awarded per annum.  Out of the annual uptake, 40 percent of scholarships are granted to female students.

The scholarships are awarded to students from Project-affected villages through a competitive process arranged in close cooperation with government educational institutions for preparation of the operational guidelines and the candidate selection.  The programme aims to provide opportunities for students from Project-affected communities who have completed high school and want to pursue higher education at a recognized college or university for a study period of three to seven years.

“The NNP1 scholarship enables me to realize my childhood dream of becoming a teacher in the future.  It also helps with my family’s expenditure on my education,” said Ms. Yiaxiong Tongshang, a NNP1 scholarship recipient who now works at the District Education Office in Hom District, Xaysomboun Province following her graduation from Khangkhai Teacher Training College in Xieng Khouang Province in 2016.  Ms. Yiaxong is from Pou Village, Thathom District, Xaysomboun Province.

In addition to the scholarship programme, NNP1 also supports adult literacy training for Project-affected community members who cannot read or write in order for them to obtain a high school diploma and enroll in vocational training courses in subjects such as car mechanics, tailoring, and driving, for a study period of up to 12 months.

To enhance teaching and learning environment, the Company has also built a kindergarten and both primary and secondary schools, with teachers’ offices and accommodation in Project-affected communities in Borikhamxay and Xaysomboun Provinces.

“Our education support programme is one of NNP1’s socio-economic development commitments to improving the lives of the people in our Project areas and contribute significantly to the Laos national goal of substantially alleviating poverty by 2020,” said Mr. Yoshihiro Yamabayashi, the Managing Director of Nam Ngiep 1 Power Company Limited.

Nam Ngiep 1 is a 290-megawatt hydropower project under construction in the Borikhamxay and Xaysomboun Provinces of the Lao PDR.  The Project is being built and will be operated by the Nam Ngiep 1 Power Company, whose aim is to build a socially and environmentally responsible power project that will provide clean renewable electricity and contribute to poverty reduction in Laos.

The construction of the re-regulation dam was completed in May 2017 with the overall progress of the main dam is approximately 80% as of the end of August 2017, with completion expected to be by August 2018. Start of electricity generation is expected to be by early 2019 if not late 2018.




Photo: ©NNP1PC/Mr. Vilakhone Sipaseuth

NNP1PC scholarship recipients gathered at the Annual Education Forum held in 2017 in Hom District, Xaysomboun Province.

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